The Evolution of Value

Christopher Amato
By Christopher Amato - February 23, 2018


CMM was founded on understanding the local real estate market and building to the full value of the market.  In years past my father, Paul Amatofocused on getting the most home that the owners could get on a property.  He taught me the virtue of helping people realize the full value of their property.  

Today the same principles apply.  People want good value.  However we have seen an evolution of peoples' value expectation from simply realizing the most equity to incorporating lifestyle and design into how they evaluate their purchases.  

CMM continues to focus on delivering good value by spending the time to see how your lifestyle can be improved by better design.  We focus on tools that can make the process of finding, planning, building and living in one of our homes a better experience.  

We partner with Shire Realty, as well as other local brokers to help you evaluate the possibilities of the properties on the market.  Shire Realty was started by my father in the 1970's and continued today by my brother Matt Amato. 

We offer creative in-house design services or we can partner with architects to help plan your home.  We use modeling software to help bring the flat plan to life and visualize how you will live in the home you are designing. 

We have an expert team of builders with many years of experience building homes for our clients.  They are well versed in keeping in touch and executing the designs in a variety of asthetics, from the clean crisp lines of modern architecture to the gracious curves and shakes of shingle style.  We love the variety!

And finally we offer CMM Service+ for ongoing home services.  Once your in your home enjoying your friends and family you can be at ease knowing you have one call to make to take care of all the little stuff.  

We are constantly looking to add value to our client's experience of realizing the dream of building thier home.  

We were recently featured in an article for our design/build process.  Check it out here

If you value design and the experience of finding, designing, building and living in your home & would like to team up with us on your project please click the link below and get in touch!


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